mini-update #4: two good things that came out of my job!


so, blog readers, you’ll be happy to know that i’m leaving my gawd-awful job. friday the 20th is my last day! i have used this blog as a way to blow of steam for the more awful things that have happened; but here are two mildly sweet things from work. because it wasn’t all bad, and there are a lot of people and things i’m actually going to miss.

like this woman! this is one of my favorite co-workers, with a note that she put on her lunch one day.

and this is the union bulletin board in the break room. what a cute, simple explanation of why it’s important to stand together, and have things like unions and solidarity! as someone who grew up in a very pro-union family and who has a (perhaps excessive) affinity for cute things, i LOVE this (and i know at least one other person who will. ahem, jill!)


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  1. i do love it! i actually just emailed my editor at worko about writing a piece about construction work for their other website! BUT i got a new tumblr address. sors i’m annoying and mind-changey. it’s . love it or leave it!

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