oh, the dogs on main street howl, cuz they understand


hello! i am finally done with work. it’s monday and i got enough sleep last night, woke up when i wasn’t tired anymore. a novelty. when was the last monday i did that? i don’t even know. memorial day? it’s such a simple thing, sleeping until you’re refreshed, but it’s so rare in the fulltime employment world. but i have forgotten that, when i’m refreshed, two cups of coffee can make me jittery and crazy. when i’m tired, two cups of coffee is what keeps me alive. so i feel a little crazed right now.
i’ve been re-reading old issues of “chainbreaker” and eating an everything bagel my siblings brought me back from new york (like five days ago, so it’s kinda stale & sucky, but i still appreciate the kind gesture, so i’m gonna keep on eating it.) it reminds me SO much of college, those long moneyless days, where i was mostly unhappy but took such joy in simple things. that was six years ago, my chainbreaker-and-everything-bagels-phase, my dreaming-of-a-long-bike-trip-with-my-lover phase. now i’ve made my dreams real. my lover and i are leaving for a 325-mile bike trip in a few days. mckeesport, pa to washington, dc! i am afraid my elderly, troubled bike won’t make it. but, options are few–i can’t exactly afford a new bike this late in the game, so i’m just gonna go for it, ovaries to the wall, see what happens. it’s not, like, a super-junker, but when a bike’s 12 years old and has probably 5000 miles on it, things happen.
i’m also folding zines for a big zine order and listening to a mix tape i listened to all the time in the summer of 2000. oh, ten years later. no longer listening to that tape on a walkman as i chainsmoke outside of mcdonald’s on a fifteen minute break from my job at CVS. so strange to think a decade ago, when it feels like it wasn’t really so long ago at all. the girl i kissed all that summer is now getting married to a man. the boy i kiss all the time now was a female junior high student in massachussetts ten years ago, and we each had no idea the other existed. so strange.
as you may have noticed, i changed the appearance of this blog. i think it’s an improvement. also, this summer has really sucked (because of work troubles and relationship woes dominating my life and headspace), but i put up a few pictures of the non-sucky parts on my flickr page if anyone is interested.

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