oh my goodness!


ray & i are leaving for our bike trip in two days! two days! two days! aaaaahhh!
preparing for this trip has been long, stressful, and annoying, yet exciting. today we took a test ride on a city bike path with our loaded-up bikes:

my bike, all packed up

ray looking super hip! haha.

anyway. so. i am leaving pittsburgh for the longest time since i arrived in september 2007. i really, really need to get away from the cars and the dog poop and the awkwardness and the yinzers and the sameness of being in a city for three years. i know this trip won’t be easy, in the classic sense of the word, but i think it will be very necessary.
my front rack is hilariously janky, ziptied to my front reflector. i hope it lasts. my bike has been going through all sorts of breakdowns & i’m gonna be riding all the way to washington, DC in third gear! (that’s the largest, hardest chainring). pray for my knees. i don’t mind riding in third gear, my legs are strong enough, but it’s pretty hard on one’s knees.
also, last night at free ride, ray & i struggled to remove my pedal, all to no avail. this is important because i can’t bring my bike on a bus or a train unless i box it, and the only way to fit it in a box is to take the pedals off–which means i would have to ride all the way home! i’m hoping that a bike shop employee might have a secret magic trick to getting this damn thing out.
OKAY BORED READERS HERE IS SOMETHING THAT IS NOT ABOUT BIKES! i kind of want to go on a zine tour when i’m done with my new issue (fall-ish). are there any zinesters out there that might be interested in touring with me? i’m thinking like a week or two, five cities or less. i was thinking of maybe doing it entirely by megabus ’cause it’s so cheap and i don’t know how to drive. i think it would be fun, i love reading/performing, i need to have more adventures, i’m a pretty low-stress/fun travel partner, i admit to being a bit of a diva when i can’t have coffee with soy milk in the morning (although i am GIVING THAT UP for the next seven days, in the interest of touring the state by bike) but other than that i am pretty good at rolling with the punches. interested parties should email escape_well at yahoo dot com or leave me a comment!

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