i have accomplished very little else this evening, besides listening to “the queen is dead” twice..


…and uploading a select few pictures of ye olde bike trip to my flickr. for you real life friends out there, ray is putting a much more extensive collection on his facebook, but it may take a while.
today was my first day at my new job. it was mostly okay, except a co-worker expressed dismay that we aren’t mandated to report to INS if we discover a client is in the country illegally. (i now work for a government agency that provides assistance with heating bills for low-income peeps). like, she was seriously DISAPPOINTED that she wasn’t going to get anyone deported! i missed about 20 minutes worth of important info imagining smashing her face into the oyster-gray table we were all sitting at, and/or giving her a good talking to.
other than that, it was okay. and i have nothing else to share!

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  1. This post inspired me to go through your entire flicker and see years of memories. How grand. How can I get bushdesk and that one of me and steph to print out?

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