on saturday, ray & i went to the toy & plastic brick museum in bellaire, OH (about an hour west of pittsburgh.) if you are ever in the western PA/eastern OH/northern WV area, and are moderately to incredibly nerdy, i would highly recommend a visit. it’s in a mildly creepy abandoned elementary skewl, and it is in actuality a lego museum, but they have to refer to it as a “plastic brick museum” because they aren’t officially affiliated.

anyway! this whole place is, like, a museum of obsessiveness, or a shrine to every weird, quirky, interesting thing one can do with legos. i won’t ruin the whole museum, but here are a few highlights:

uh oh! looks like there’s some dischord in lego land! a lot of these little lego guys were doing such funny, weird, quirky things. i wish i had taken more pics of them. i especially liked the king tut randomly hanging out on a city street corner, and all the skeletons wandering around…basically the whole thing is like being invited into a really strange, imaginative world.

fake assembly line! this was also really strange and creative and i wish i’d taken more pictures.

i think my favorite thing is this genderqueer pirate that ray bought at the gift shop! this little pirate and their pretty pink bike makes me so happy.

this whole day reminded me of playing legos for hours with my brother when we were kids, the whole worlds that we created. i always liked playing with the little people more than actually building stuff, so i guess it makes sense that i was more drawn to the little people than the gargantuan structures. the whole day was strange and sad and beautiful in a way i can’t even explain.

other than that, i’ve been pretty good. my new job is going well and i finished my book proposal!!! i’ve been working on my book since 2006, and i’m pretty much done, i just needed to sum it up to send out to potential publishers. i’m not actually done done, because it needs an epilogue, but i’m getting really close…

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  1. that is a great museum!! it was kind of like when mom & i went to the Jell-o museum in LeRoy, NY. A lady enthusiastically told us about the making of gelatins and then we got to creep around this exhibit of old Jell-o ads and bill cosby commercials! fun timez

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