just a few odds & sods


1. please, everyone, check out this amazingness. it’s a letter my dad sent to my sister a few years ago, and my sister posted it on her blog

ha ha ha. this is a slightly crazier letter than usual (my dad does not do email), but still fairly representative.

2. check out this map of books banned across america. if you click on the little blue markers, it’ll tell you the story of the book and why it was banned. it’s strangely fascinating.

3. also, i have been unable to stop thinking about this, a popular nyc blogger singing a “radio edit” of liz phair’s “flower”. for those of you who aren’t familiar with that song, here it is, with some not-so-radio-friendly lyrics. the new version is fucking hilarious! it’s strange, because i really liked that album, and that song in particular, my senior year of high school, and i all but forgot about it until recently, when i was compelled to listen to it again for little to no reason.

4. i’m reading the collected journals of l.m. mongtomery (a/k/a “that lady who wrote anne of green gables) because i’m a big doooooork, and it’s startling how much it resembles several notorious blogs that i read. the endless petty complaints, the passive-aggressiveness, the meanness, and yet, the inability to stop reading it, even as it’s annoying me. SO weird. does anything ever really change?

5. why do people work in the department of public welfare if they hate poor people? seriously, WHY?!?!? it frustrates me to no end. the hatin’ is a little less at this job than the last, but it still exists, it still annoys and offends and saddens the living shit out of me, and i still can think of no constructive way to address it. sigh.

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