oh hello, it’s been a while


i’ve been working on my new zine, processing a lot of heating assistance applications, embarking on a few stupid mis-adventures that i can’t complain about on this public forum but would really really like to, reading a lot, spending quality time with my sweetheart & a few friends, and trying to get enough sleep.
also, i haven’t really had a lot to talk about. but i do have a good story from yesterday.
i was hanging out at kelsey’s house, watching queer movies and talking, and her cat was whining for food, so she fed him some treats out of this bag:

(trust me, this visual is important to the story). i looked at the brand name, in the orange box in the center, which is very similar to my given last name (capewell), and declared, “i’m gonna change my name to ocean catswell!” we giggled.
a little while later, my boyfriend ray came over, after driving all the way from maryland, to pick me up so we could go to a friend’s going-away party. he came in and was in cat-petting bliss, and he went to feed the cat some treats too. i handed him the bag, and said, “this is what i’m changing my last name to!”, tapping my finger on the orange box.
ray got a confused look on his face, and said, in a befuddled voice, “happy hips?” kelsey & i cracked the fuck up, ray eventually realized his error and joined us in hysteria land. i am still giggling thinking about it.

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