one good day after five bad ones.


today i kinda had a new lease on life, finally wasn’t sick, and the sun fucking came out even if only for a few minutes, and i kept overhearing the funniest things that made me feel like i live in a world that’s got some magic in it and not just endless piles o’ shit….

….like, at the library, i saw this crazy-ish woman heading towards the door with a white dude (who i’m pretty sure she’d just met a few minutes earlier), saying loudly to him, “well look at us, a white man and a black woman, we gonna rule the world! i KNOW i’m a queen. i’m tired of the bullshit, we’ll run the world right!” it was oddly inspiring.

also, in the elevator at work, i heard two women talking. one was telling the other a story that went like this: “so, she’s following me, and she keeps saying, ‘bitch! bitch!’ but i didn’t turn around because i didn’t realize she was talking to me. i didn’t even realize it was her until she reached out and smacked my ass with a cookie sheet….”

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