i love updating while intoxicated.


hello. in defiance (or, perhaps, because of) this stupid winter weather (it is currentlly 19 degrees, with a windchill of 14) my BF and i got drunk and watched “showgirls”, which is one of my fave bad movies ever. he’d never seen it! gasp!

lately i have been seeing all sorts of blog posts about winter survival. i think this is important; winter sucks and makes me kind of not want to live anymore. here are the ways i have found to deal with it…

1) get drunk and watch “showgirls” with one you love. cuddle & keep each other warm.

2) apply for LIHEAP! (full disclosure: i work there!) it stands for low income heating energy assistance, and it’s a governmental grant that helps low income people (in PA, the threshold for the program is if you  make under $17,238 per year for a 1-person household, or $23,542 for a 2-person household) pay their extraordinarily high winter heating bills. every state in amerika (including, strangely, hawaii, where the lowest temperature recorded all year has been 60 degrees) has a liheap program and if you have any trouble at all paying yr bills you should really look into it.

3) if you have the physical capacity for it at all, winter biking can be really great. just dress for it. wear multiple layers, a scarf, a balaclava and (if it’s under five degrees) you need to wear goggles so your eyeballs don’t freeze. sad but true. luckily it hasn’t come to that yet in pgh (it has gotten below 5 degrees w/ windchill but i’ve just taken the bus). today me and the dude rode our bikes to go holiday shopping and yes, we were cold and yes, it was occasionally miserable but sometimes it was great. we rode home thru the graveyard and saw an awesome sunset. if we were in the car it would have been all mediocre, all the time.

4) uh, look at pictures that might  make you happy? here are 4 pictures that have made me happy this week:

a) (stolen from autostraddle, i’m not in the mood to link to that particular post but they’re linked in the link list)

b. this is my friends jen and teresa and their amazing BFF tattoos!

(photo taken by the amazing caldwell linker)

c)(ray putting on lipstick! i forget why. but i love this picture.)

d)stolen from the dainty squid. also don’t feel like linking, but there’s a link in the blogroll to your right.


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