slippy busses, pinchy nerves, new perspectives


so, yesterday my boyfriend was driving home from his new job and was passing through downtown & asked if i wanted a ride home. obviously, i said yes, since riding the bus at rush hour is no fun, especially in the snow (& especially when your bus is full of mean-spirited middle aged women who whisper loudly about your gender & teens who make fun of your cute hat, but whatever).

so. we had a mostly uneventful car ride home, and then we finally got to stanton avenue, which is a steep, curvy road right next to the cemetery. it hadn’t been plowed yet, and as we were crawling up, a bus slid out of control, and for a second it seemed like it was going to slam right into us! it was so strange, how slow it all was. i saw the sign saying “87-FRIENDSHIP” and thought, “hmm, what’s the bus doing over here?” then “holy shit!!!!!!!!” i screamed, and the bus swerved, not hitting us, but nearly hitting the 10-foot high granite wall outside of the cemetery. when we got home, ray & i held each other, with the snow swirling around us, grateful to be alive.

this morning i was getting out of bed, stretching, and i heard something go ‘pop’ in my neck, and it hurt so much that tears came to my eyes. the pain radiated through my neck, back, shoulders and right arm, and as i struggled to put on a shirt i realized that there was no way in hell i could go to work today. so i called off and have spent all day lying around. it’s 12 degrees (fahrenheit) outside & i have a bag of frozen peas on my back. this experience has made me grateful for my health, & even more sympathetic to the 4 people i know who collect disability (3 friends + my dad, who was just approved a month ago after years of being in pain). i just hope that i *do* get better, because i don’t have health insurance, yet make too much money to qualify for much financial assistance at any kind of clinic. if anything is severely wrong….well, i don’t know what i will do.

i hate the amerikan health care system so much! & i hate the people in washington who want to do whatever they can to make life harder for the millions of uninsured people in this country. EVERY SINGLE PERSON i know who is opposed to healthcare reform has health insurance. EVERY SINGLE ONE. if they lost their insurance, if they had to deal with shitty free clinics, welfare offices, the daily fervent prayer that nothing goes wrong with your health because you simply cannot afford to get it fixed–if they had to deal with all of that, they’d change their minds. i bet you anything.

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