high on burning photographs #6, out now!


oh yes. with a lovely cover drawn by the lovely jen cooney.

this issue is more sad/despairing than most of the zines i’ve done. i wrote about:

my time working at child protective services (trigger warning), trauma stewardship, “another zinester goes on a lengthy bike trip”, some ruminations on how self-publishing is just as valid as getting a MFA, even though the mainstream writing world says otherwise, two essays from an unreleased decade-in-review zine (one about being genderqueer & one about falling in love) and a sestina for team dresch!

this zine won’t be available through any distros, as it’s intensely personal, moreso than most of the zines i’ve done (i think) and i need, for my own safety and peace of mind, to control who gets their hands on it. i have NO problem with strangers reading it, so don’t be afraid to order it if you’re a stranger! i love strangers!

this zine is $2.50 (us/canada) or $3.50 (int’l) including postage. for the first time in my zine life, i have a paypal! it’s attached to an email address i don’t really use: many_headed_hydraAThotmailDOTcom.

if you’re my real life friend, my zine friend who i trade with regularly, if i owe you a trade, etc., please email me at escape_wellATyahooDOTcom and let me know if you want one! make sure you send me yr address.

and while you’re ordering, i still have some back issues out!

high on burning photographs #3, published february 2008, lots of writing on death & abandonment & the concept of home, plus a rant on people confusing philly & pittsburgh, and my fave pittsburgh wingnuts. $2 us/canada $3/int’l (postage included)

high on burning photographs #4, published january 2009. i think this is my favorite zine i’ve ever done. the 2 most popular articles are on getting sober & on being happily single. (still get letters about those 2, even though i’ve started drinking socially again & am  happily partnered). also stories on subverting dull workplaces, two inspiring letters, getting over self-hatred & learning to heal. $2 us/can $3 int’l

high on burning photographs #5/asylum #1. this is a split between my friend matt & i. we each would write articles & mail them to each other & the zine kind of involved organically. matt writes a lot of fascinating, sad stories about drugs & prison. i write about my elderly lawyer-boss trying to fake a jackson pollock painting & a love story to NYC, yet they all work together somehow. $2.50 us/canada, $3.50 int’l.

my limpwrist zine, “it’s not the end of the world!: building a life with limp wrists,” about carpal tunnel & the like, is sold out.

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  1. i got high on burning photographs #1 and 2 out of a zine grab box at the Chicago Zinefest! thought i’d let you know. 🙂

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