oh, i don’t even know.


today i saw my pal jess and she said, “i stopped someone on the street who i thought was you, and i said, ‘i loved your new zine!’ and she said, ‘oh, do you think i’m ocean? i get that a lot. yeah, her zines are pretty good.'” i was like, ????!!?!?!?????! what?! how awesome, yet how weird! i don’t think i have any zine fanz in pittsburgh who look like me. i mean, i can’t imagine anyone in pittsburgh really reading my zines unless they’re one of my friends, or else the few random people who i see at zine events, but i don’t recall any of them looking like me. anyway, this anecdote was a bright spot in an otherwise depressing and frustrating day. something fairly intense has transpired in the last 48 hours, i wrote about it here but don’t really feel safe expounding on it in this blog that’s the 2nd or 3rd google hit for my name. (yes, i realize that by linking it i’ve made it accessible, but i feel like it’s less noticable for the casual scanner). it’s a fairly big deal. although who knows how permanent.

blah. i’ve been taking out my endless rage at cars.& idiots.  i didn’t yell “STOP TEXTING AND PICK UP YOUR DOG’S SHIT” to the idiotic dog owner i rode by today, but i really wanted to. i truly hate people who don’t pick up their dog’s shit and just leave it out in the sidewalks of the world for everyone else to deal with. i almost yelled it but then it caught in my throat. i did, however, yell, “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALMOST HITTING ME I REALLY APPRECIATE IT” at an SUV that almost hit me when i caught up with them a few blocks later. they nearly killed me so they could park in front of their stupid house a mere two blocks away. fuckers. that line that i yelled, reading it it sounds really fake, like nobody would ever yell anything that lengthy while cruising by on their bike, but that is actually what i said, word for word. i guess you’ll have to just believe me! imagine that.

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