i have so much to share, no time to write a post….


but, a few links!

first off, remember that post i wrote a while back about that horrible situation in TX? with the 11-year-old girl, and the new york times’ victim-blaming? anyway, someone has set up a fund to help out the survivor’s family, who are going through some shitty times as a result of this incident. donate/investigate here. and please spread the word!

one of gay marriage’s most outspoken opponents publicly admits that he’s wrong. see, anyone can change!

i found this video from sesame street, about water conservation, on youtube and it was kinda cute & poignant & i felt like sharing.

also, i really loved this post about rayanne graff’s outfits.

oh, the internet.

ALSO: i really love it when pigeons come visit me at work. i just moved to a new desk with a window and it has improved my outlook on life significantly, and there’s this one pigeon who will come look at me for minutes at a time. it always makes me think of this excellent story from one of my fave books as a kid.

ALSO: livejournal just emailed me to let me know that my birthday is coming up! hee. duh! i already knew that, LJ! i will be 29 on sunday. gasp!


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