a few lists that i felt like making.


most obsessively played songs of the past year or so, according to my ipod.

1. “cover me” -bruce springsteen (86 plays in like a year and a half since i put it on there!! not even counting the times i listened to this song on tape. um.)

2. “intervention” -arcade fire

3. “atlantic city” -bruce springsteen

4. “werewolf” -cocorosie

5. “worker’s comp”- mos def

6. “screwing yr courage” -team dresch

7. “demirep” -bikini kill

8. “rise up with fists!!!” -jenny lewis

9. “epitaph for my heart” -the magnetic fields

10. “the engine driver” -the decembrists

things i have learned recently.

1. don’t even try to master cleanse when you’re expecting your period unless you want to get really, really, really sick and miserable!

2. just because someone was really influential on you & your writing when you were younger does not mean you still have to still put their work on a pedestal when it really doesn’t speak to you anymore.

3. leaving the house, in a social context, is almost always worth it, even when it seems scary and daunting.

noteworthy events of the past month or so.

1. the feminism & zines conference yesterday at the library!

2. bread & puppets on the southside, also yesterday!

3. making a friend out of an enemy at work

4. turning 29

5. my beautiful new garlic tattoo!

6. getting ready to leave the continent for the first time ever [!!!!!!!!!!!!] and having passport-losing anxiety dreams often

7. socializing independently from my partner for the first time in a while & remembering that i can be strong & charming on my own

8. releasing a new zine & immediately starting work on another.

best google hits for this blog, as of late (in order of popularity)

1.”her fists”

2. “bad my little pony”

3. “the lonely unicorn”

4. “poland mayday freaks”

5. “lego king tut”

6. “enough already shirt”

7. “vidieo [sic] of one gay man sits on other gay man back like bike”

8. “documentation funny”

9. “unicorn tampon”

10. “flufy [sic] girl breast”

11. “do people still listen to riot grrrl”

12. “riotgrrrl i rarely post pictures of womyn anymore”

13. “damn i’m good shirt”

14. “is getting my eyebrows tattooed a bad idea” [note to googler: YES!]

15. “why don’t americans riot when things are so bad?”

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