dzien dobry from krakow, poland! yesterday was a long long train ride, ten hours through the polish countryside. lots of huge backyard gardens tended by old women, crumbling old train stations in the middle of giant fields. it was a good train ride in that it went quickly. kinda melancholy, though, as both my sister & i were like, “OMG, what are we doing?” leaving berlin was hard. beautiful city full of weirdos & possible past-life memories. the playgrounds are all handmade and DIY looking. the subway runs on the freakin’ honor system! and so many bikes, everywhere, oh my gawd. that’s all i wanted to do, but my dad has sciatica so he can’t, and i felt bad going without him.

today my sister & i rode on a bike path that goes all the way to vienna. obviously we didn’t go that far, just followed the river out of the city, into depressing big-box suburbs and then to a park full of the biggest, most untamed dandelions ever. and now we are at an internet cafe, where my email password will not work at all. i fear it’s been hacked, and i’m really upset right now, i was counting on opening up an inbox full of sweet love from home, really counting on it on this day where i feel so far away. plus, oh, our boarding passes from lithuania to paris are only in that email, meaning that if i don’t open it we might not be able to get home….or, rather, it will be way harder.

but it’s okay, this is the cliche backpacker glitch. i’ll figure something out, right? right? today i had the delightful thought, “if i were in america it would be 6:30 am and i would be stirring restlessly in my bed, waiting for the alarm to go off so i could go to work. and instead i am in poland, riding a bike through a field of flowers…” it was nice.

i feel like when i am traveling i kind of only post when i am having a bad day and not too into what’s going on around me. on good days i just don’t have the time. hence, not really posting much in berlin, where i had a beautiful time in that strange city full of squatters & perverts. jill & i saw the forgetters at some punk bar, after stealing some water from the ramones museum! that was fun. also wandering through the tiergarten, a beautiful magical park that has the memorial for queer victims of the holocaust, right there on the tourist map for everyone to see. i loved it.

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