ginger tea in a lithuanian hostel


wow, we’re almost done. we’re almost home. got discouraged in krakow, and then on my last morning there i woke up sick. we took the train to warzawa (i’m not trying to be pretentious, i just think that’s prettier than the american name). everyone at the hostel said warzawa sucks. we thought they were just being uncreative. but they were right! it does suck! we had such a bad time that we literally went to the bus station 3 hours early, just to get off the scary crowded streets. warzawa, i chose sitting in your sketchy-ass bus station over exploring you! take that.

the bus to lithuania was kinda scary because the driver was driving manically and, of course, we had no idea what was going on because everyone was speaking lithuanian or polish. but we made it. got dropped off at 6:30AM and took a cab to our hostel, only to find it locked and nobody answering our doorbell, even though it supposedly had 24 hour service. d’oh! it was also gray and at least 20 degrees colder than poland. we were SO disgruntled and pretty much ready to just go home. but, eventually, we were let into the hostel. had a good nap and by that time the sun was shining again and things didn’t seem so bad.

so, lithuania! wow! vilnius is really quirky and fun. we’ve had a lot of fun strange adventures, including getting caught up in a semi-spontaneous swing-dancing dance-off (wow, that’s a lot of hyphens), getting drunk at a hipster bar where everyone else was playing charades, and all these other fun and/or odd things i can’t really think about. my sister wrote something about this adventure in lith that says a lot of things that i feel, too. for some reason i can’t hyperlink it on this computer, but here’s the link if anyone’s interested:

oh, today i found a tattered copy of “newsweek” from last summer at the hostel and i DEVOURED it. and i LOVED it. it was so satisfying!  i would never read newsweek at home! but out here, it becomes so meaningful. it’s the little things, i guess.

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