summer’s ready when you are.


the first two weeks of unemployment have been taken up with delightful swimming with ladies i love (in the allegheny, the dormont pool, and at ohiopyle), dangerous drama within my pgh queer community, a little boredom, lots of dishes, making lots of batches of soy/rice milk (and being dorkily delighted about it. gawd, have i used enough d-words in this post yet?), not working on my novel or getting it published. the teenage liberation handbook says it’s okay to take a little while to thaw your brain from its deep freeze once you quit school. surely the same thing applies when you’re laid off, right? even if you’re almost 30?

i think so. i’m starting a new zine, hopefully to be completed before i go on zine tour (late july? mid august?) i have some exciting leads on potential readings in cleveland, milwaukee, and lawrence, KS. gonna try & find someone to read with in chicago, minneapolis and detroit (i know some people in those cities, just haven’t emailed them yet–feeling shy for some reason.) and then the midwest that i’m interested in will be covered! and then i can figure out some sort of east coast jam. i’m not too worried about that. the east coast has been my turf my whole life before i came here–the first 25 years. i know it well and i know lots of people. the midwest is still uncharted territory that i’m aching to explore.

but anyway, i haven’t done anything for the new zine yet, besides copy some images for the cover today and think about unearthing some notebook writing. trying to use the shit out of the internet before it gets disconnected on friday. i am SO excited. i think, while convenient, having unfettered access to the interweb has only been a negative force in my life.

anyway. my primary reason for posting today was to share with you one of the best articles i’ve read in so long (and to keep this link in archive for myself): “Why The Best Kids’ Books Are Written in Blood,” by one of my all-time favorite authors, Sherman Alexie. So fucking great, & a real slap in the face to adults who think that teens will be sullied by reading fiction that’s actually, gasp, about their lives! Also, i love this house.

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