a few statements.


i have decided to pretend that the tree growing outside of my kitchen window is the same tree as in “a tree grows in brooklyn”. lo and behold, it actually is! ailanthus, the tree of heaven. this makes me feel mildly better.

last night liz and i watched “brave little toaster to the rescue”, which i described as “cute things porn” because the plot was clearly terrible but we kept watching because those spunky, personified items are just so. damn. cute. we got excited when we realized that the toaster (aka the main character!) has no discernible gender and laughed hysterically at the most amazing song-and-dance number about the internet, circa 1993 (or the “information superhighway”, as they called it!).

i was recently blocked from reading my own blog on a monitored computer. the reasons given were “adult themes” and “alcohol.” ha!

i also recently read a review of my zine (on the quimby’s web site) that described it as, “all the livid living of being rowdy alive, sobriety sentiments, embracing the good badness and confounding the bad badness.”

we don’t have any real work to do at work so we are scanning for another welfare office that’s fallen behind. it’s heartbreaking. just the little things. a guy writing a list of his health problems under two headings: “can live with it” and “big problem”. under “big problem”: “tuomour  on neck, getting a lot bigger…”

today i learned that i can cry while working and have it not really affect my productivity that much. i wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

today i am wearing three clashing shades of pink to work. i will never be a real grown-up, and what’s more, i don’t care!

i am trying, so hard, to hold on.

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  1. The only line I know from Brave Little Toaster is, What are you Blind? See the Line. I have no idea what it is about really, but I don’t think I like it.

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