so raise it in anger, or just let it hang


far too much to write about here. and lately i’ve been thinking about oversharing, after listening to the book “cleaving: my story of meat, marriage and obsession” (which SUCKS but i have been unable to stop listening) and watching the movie “searching for angela shelton”, both of which could be categorized as major overshares. also i am writing a new zine, which has been intense but is going really well. it’s funny how i become a much better writer when i’m single. maybe one day i will reconcile the romantic-love part of my brain with the love-for-everything-else brain and they can exist in harmony, in their correct proportions. maybe i’m learning that now.

but i want to share this beautiful facebook update from my pal kassia, who lives in oakland CA: living the dream: last night we tore down the fences around Oscar Grant Plaza, held a general assembly with almost 2 thousand people. occupy wall street is going to give us $20,000 and 100 tents, there will be a solidarity march tomorrow in Eygpt and they will chant “Cairo and Oakland are one hand!!”….after that we marched down to the jail where we shouted “free them all!” and the lights flickering on and off in their cells was one of the most beautiful things ever.

got me a little misty eyed, to be honest. even when the world takes your voice away, you still have a light switch. you still have a fucking lightswitch. they don’t get to take that, at least.

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