just one more thing to say…


after i wrote that post, 2 days ago, i got on my bike and headed home. i passed a shitty diner/dive bar in the neighborhood next to mine. there were a whole bunch of 20-somethings, in suits and ties and dresses, drinking beers out front. since it was 2pm on a monday, i assumed that they’d just gotten back from a funeral. as i rolled by them i made eye contact with a red-faced dude-bro, but it wasn’t meaningful, and i couldn’t read the expression on his face. i had the thought, if things had gone just a little differently on thursday, those would be your friends, drinking at your funeral.

dear friends: if i die suddenly, don’t get drunk in my honor. get sober in my honor, and finish up all the work i didn’t get to while i was here.


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