hi, internet,


did you know that i’m writing a memoir? did you know there is an excerpt posted here? did you know that writing this book is absolutely killing me? did you know that i love it anyway? absolutely fucking love it. i love everything. i even love how much it hurts me.

and oh does it hurt. 23,000 words. about the worst things. some of them aren’t the worst things. but a lot of it is. a lot of it is exactly what i don’t want to write about. a lot of it is writing about the things that made me feel like my life is worthless. all the evidence i’ve received. all the things that nearly resulted in my demise.

i took a month or so off. but now i’m back at it. i’m off my pills too and remembering the misery that is actually my birthright. i don’t expect you to understand.


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  1. p.s. do you know how wordpress gives you little writerly quotes after you’ve posted something? here is the quote for this post: “The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it. ” –Leo Rosten

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