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oh, bama!


the inauguration was pretty effin’ incredible, as predicted. now, the slavish devotion to our new leader scares me a little bit; and i am not into hero worship of anyone, especially some straight rich dude who’s now the boss of me. BUT, nobody can deny the fact that a) change feels really good b) things appear to be on the up-and-up and c) washington DC was pure magic for 24 hours. and i am very happy that i was there.

the on-ramp to I-95 was shut down and totally clogged with people, not shitty gas-guzzlers! it was truly an amazing sight.

imagine if the world was always like this? incidentally, the crowd was so fucking amazing. over a million people, all freezing our asses off, and not a single person was mean all day. i mean it, i didn’t see a single instance of unkindness. everyone was smiling & talking to each other & helping each other out. i think that is more surprising than a black president.

right after i took this picture, some people were frantically waving and yelling “obama!’ at a video camera. an old man observing the brouhaha yelled, “now put your hands in the air if you love hot dogs!” which was possibly the funniest thing that happened all day.

after walking for hours in the cold, we finally made it to a sea of humanity by the washington monument. i took some pics but they were all shitty. however, i thought this one was really amusing:

it was hilarious when someone fell off, which happened a few times, and the whole crowd would yell “OHHHH!” in unison. i couldn’t see anything from where we were, and cop cars and ambulances kept ruining the speeches. but we all fuckin’ cheered our little asses off when he became the prez! everyone was so happy. obama’s inaugural address was ruined by more cop cars, but i heard the salient points and felt good. i was surrounded by weeping middle aged white women.

then we headed over to the parade. i was freezing my gay ass off. we stopped to skate at the reflection pool, which was frozen over. ray was too scared to really skate on it

but i rushed right out on the ice and began turning circles. that’s a very typical aries-cancer scenario, wouldn’t you say? incidentally, i took this pic of myself while twirling around on the ice, which is why the background is so blurry:

part of the reason i was so cavalier was that i was hoping the ice would break & we’d have an excuse to go home, as i was exhausted, freezing and hungry. but i am so glad that i remained dry, because the parade was fucking amazing!
we waited for an hour and a half, so goddamn cold. getting whiny & it seemed that it was never going to start. but then it did! incidentally, we got great seats because the giant info-screens told people not to even bother going to the parade because the route was already full, which was not true. so, hardly anybody was there. but our seats for the inauguration were so shitty that we couldn’t see the screens & never got this misinformation. we got a spot right by where it started, with nobody in front of us!

and here he is. when the limos started rolling, everyone was trying to figure out which one was the obama-mobile, and then a man yelled, “oh shit! there’s michelle!” and everyone FRUCK OUT. oh em gee. i’ve never seen anything like it. ray took a video, but i don’t have it to share. the windows were too tinted to really take pictures, but i could see their hopeful little faces through the glass in real life. obama made eye contact with me and smiled, and his smile is so luminous in a way that cannot be captured on film or TV. it was truly an incredible moment. after he had passed us, ray & i just hugged each other really hard for a full minute, maybe longer, because there was just no other way to express what had happened.


and then we walked back to ray’s uncle’s house; frozen and truly exhausted but also so happy to have been there. feeling like shit was changing, both in the country & in our lives. like i said in the post i wrote when he was elected, joy is the only word.