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the most noteworthy conversation i’ve witnessed in a while.


[setting: an anarchist community space in NW philly. a five year old boy is busily telling my ex-girlfriend about the secret life of his action figure.]

5 year old boy:….and he lives in a pineapple, and…

ex-gf’s new gf: does he live in a pineapple under the sea, like spongebob squarepants?

5 year old: no. spongebob gay.

NGF: do you mean that he’s gay, like, he likes other sponges, or do you mean he’s gay like he’s stupid?

5 year old: gay like he’s stupid.

NGF: well, i’m gay, and i’m not stupid….

5 year old [thinks about it for a moment]: spongebob be gay.

8 year old who was listening the whole time but not saying anything: [in a pained voice, like everyone involved was being ridiculous]: a sponge can’t be gay!