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another place


so. my sister and i (maybe even our bro, if he gets his shit together) may be going to lithuania this spring. she is working in france teaching english this year, her visa’s up may 21, which is around the time i’m going to be laid off for the summer (i work for a heating/energy assistance program for low-income folks, hence, there’s no work for us in the summer.). so, i was thinking of going to france, and then taking the train to lithuania with her. i’ve been saving up as much money as i can, and i really want to make this happen.

in case you haven’t figured out, we’re lithuanian, 100% on my mom’s side. (weirdly enough, my boyfriend is also lithuanian. our eyes are the exact same color.) my mom’s family is all dead or estranged, came over here in the 1920’s and 30’s, whitewashed and americanized. and we both want to go there & see where we came from.

i’m even more excited to go upon reading this (from the lonely planet eastern europe guidebook, which i checked out of the library today). it’s about a neighborhood in Vilnius:

“in 1998, the resident artists, dreamers, squatters and drunks declared the district a breakaway state known as the Republic of Uzupis. The state has its own tongue-in-cheek president, anthem, flags and a 41-point Uzupis Republic constitution that, among other things, gives its residents the right to cry, the right to be misunderstood and the right to be a dog.”

maybe this place will make me make sense.


p.s. credit where credit’s due: these pics were all swiped from flickr. links to the pictures in their original habitats: 1 2 3 4