hello! i’m at work, on a day i’m not normally scheduled, my boss is over three hours late but i don’t mind getting paid $12 an hour to sit on my sweet queer ass, printing out stuff from the ACLU web site to mail to various prisoners whose various rights are being violated, getting jittery and jumpy on too much coffee, too much hydrogenated oil. whoo hoo!

lately i’ve been more skittish in traffic than usual. i think it’s because now that bikey is fixed i can go a lot faster than usual, and that coupled with the pot-holey roads of pittsburgh, plus the general indifference of most drivers, seems like disaster is inevitable. i’ve been more afraid and unsure. i feel like being a biker in a city is not unlike endlessly being around a guy who lunges at you like he’s going to punch you and then laughs in your face when you cringe. endlessly, the implied threat of violence, with the ever-present possibility that it could become real.

my boss is here & i gotta go.


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